The Certificate of Conformity Europe (CE Mark) is a mark to indicate that the product to which it is affixed is in conformance with EU Product Safety Directives. These EU Directives apply to all products that are to be put into service for the first time inside the European Economic Area. The CE consultants at VAI Industrial Services know exactly what is necessary and what is not required in order to attain the Certificate of Conformity for Europe for your industrial products.

Many issues arise before you can use the CE Mark, such as which EU Directives and standards are applicable, who is responsible for what is a Notified Body required, how safe is the industrial products, what manuals are needed, how can we safeguard industrial machines, etc.

The CE Mark must be affixed to demonstrate conformity with the provisions of the directives.

Our Services for CE-Marking, Certificate of Conformity for Europe

We can assist during the whole process of obtaining your CE Marking or just a certain part of it. We offer concrete, practical suggestions, as well as advice and guidance.


Medical Device Directive.

In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Directive.

Low Voltage Directive

Lift Directive.

Toys Safety Directive.

Construction Products Directive.

Active Implantable Medical Device Directive.

Machinery Directive.

Pressure Equipment Directive.

EMC Directive.

Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive.

Simple Pressure Vessels Directive.

Personal Protective Equipment Directive.