a) All factories excluding seasonal factories employing 10 or more persons (we.t 01.06:2010)

b) Any establishment which the Government may specifically notify as being covered

c) Shop Employing 10 or more persons (Refer Act for State Wise ) except Assam & H P

d) To construction site workers (w.e.t.01.08.2015)

e) Voluntary Basis


  • Any person employed for Gross wages upto 21,000/- a month (w.e.t. 01.01.2017) excluding remuneration for overtime work in or in connection with the work of a factory or establishment.
  • Any person who is directly employed by the employer in a factory or through his agent on work which is ordinarily part of the work of the factory or incidental to purpose of the factory.
  • Any person who is classified as disabled employee and working in the private sector with monthly wages upto 25,000/- per month provided they are appointed on or after 01.04 2008. Further employer's share will be paid by Central Government for 3 years.


The employer is required to contribute at the rate of 3.25% of the wages and the employees are required to contribute at the rate of 0.75% of their wages.


1) Free medical treatment is offered to covered employees at dispensaries and hospital run by the Corporation & Tie-up hospitals, Limited to Rs. 10.00 Lakhs per family per year.

2) About 70% of employees normal wage will be payable to him by ESI during sickness.

3) Maternity benefit for 26 weeks of which not more than 8 weeks house preceding confinement.

 a) 12 weeks maternity benefit to a Commissioning Mother and Adopting Mother.

 b) Women having 2 or more surviving children can avail maternity benefit of maximum 12 weeks.

 c) Insured woman shall include commissioning mother.

 4) Injury during/in course of employment resulting in temporary permanent disablement entities the covered and adopting mother employee to a regular payment to substitute his lost wages.

5) Death during course of employment entities specified dependents to regular payment.

6) One time paymentol 15,000 to help meet funeral expenses.

7) Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yona (Unemployment of (wef 4.12.2016) IPs who have been rendered unemployed the Involuntarily due to closure of factory establishment retrenchment permanent disablement)

8) Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (applicable to Ps whose case loss of earning capacity resulting from employment injury, assessed as not less than 40%).

9) Insured person can avail cashless treatment in the hospitals referred

10) Medical benefit to IPs who have opted for VRS or superannuated.

11) Super speciality treatment-for IP. 90 day, for family - 190 days.


For employees' contribution: Imprisonment for 1yr. to max. 3yrs. fine of 10,000/-

For employer's contribution : Imprisonment for 6mths, to max 2 yrs, and or fine of 5,000/-

VS IPR & LEGAL ADVISORS will assist you to obtain registration with ESIC at most reasonable fees

ESI Due Dates

ESI Payment Due Date

21st of Every Month

ESI Return Half Yearly Due Date

11th Nov for period of April to September

                                                                                                                                                                                                   12th May for period of Oct to March

Documents required for Registration under ESIC:


1.    Pan card of the Establishment

2.    Certificate of Incorporation

3.    Copy of Partnership Deed / Memorandum and Article of Association

4.    Cancelled cheque of Establishment

5.    Address proof of the Establishment (Rent Agreement, Water/Telephone/Electricity bill in the name of Establishment)

6.    List of Directors/Partners/Owners along with their residential addresses