Like the shark that will only grow to the size of its bowl, the change in the size of the bowl into the size of the sea is necessary. Change is inevitable but however important. With the increase in business size, the scale of operation increases, and entities strive to shift its office from one place to another to ensure smooth functioning of the activities and operations.

It is the official address of the company incorporated under the provision of the Companies act 2013 or under any previous company law. The procedure to change the registered office of the Company from one State or Union territory does not only involve a change from one state or Union Territory to another but also involves a change of Jurisdiction of Registrar of Companies (ROC). Only Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra have two ROC.

The purpose for which e-Form INC-22 can be filed as follows.

  •           Change within local limits of City, town or village.
  •          Change outside local limits of city, town, or village, within the same Roc and state.
  •          Change in Roc within the same state.
  •          Change in the state outside the jurisdiction of existing Roc.